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Other alcoholic drinks

Heading towards Bessèges. The retired couple decided to visit the Cevennes market town in order to attend the local Gard beer festival. The crowd was there. The “Gard à la bière” festival has proved to be a hit with its varied activities, its friendly atmosphere and with the Gard breweries showcasing their wide range of beers. Lagers, ales, white beers, amber beers, fruit beers, Trappist beer… it is impossible not to find one to your liking.
They often have amusing names, and include coloured labels. After attending the public brewing display which they found really interesting, Pierre and Sylvie decided to take a rest and drink a “small froth”. Beer from Uzès, from Nîmes, from Sommières… Which one was able to quench their thirst? Their choice had been made, and they both sat down to have a chat and taste their well-chilled drink. Excellent! They spoke about their trip coming to an end and the shopping they had to do. “Tomorrow we’ll get a bottle of Cartagène or Marc du Languedoc for your brother. We did speak to him about it, we mustn’t forget”, Sylvie reminded him.

Pierre nodded his head. Of course he hadn’t forgotten! He even had a bit of an idea of what he was going to buy. During their previous stay in Languedoc-Roussillon two years ago, he had discovered some brandy made from pomace or star anise. He found it very original and thought that one of these fine tipples would appeal to his brother. As for the liquors, he would buy the Cartagène along with a walnut or blackberry liquor. And then, he would see and perhaps would make some great discoveries like the last time in Carcassonne when he had tasted a liqueur made from plants and spices.