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Ah! Good meat!

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Meats and cured meats

Located on a busy street, the shop is visited regularly. Three words really do stand out in front of the shop windows: “Butcher – Meats – Poultry.”

A young woman walks in. Strapped in his white apron, the butcher is wrapping and tying up a joint of Fleur d’Aubrac roast beef, while chatting with the customer he is serving. “Our cattle is raised on the Aubrac, they produce beautiful meat… Here’s your roast beef. A kilo, will that do for you? Don’t overcook it, 30 minutes will be enough if you like it rare. And is there anything else you need? ” With a convincing and precise hand, he sliced some Rosé des Pyrénées veal cutlets thinly as requested.

Meanwhile, the young woman is looking around her, finding the shop very attractive. The large refrigerated display, right in front of her, is full of appetizing and carefully presented products. To her left, there are Languedoc chickens, guinea fowl and rabbits in a line. Arranged alongside the poultries, there are a number of cured meat products from upper Languedoc, Lozère and the Pyrenees which whet your appetite and make your mouth water: cooked or raw hams, pâtés, fricandeaux, terrines, some fouet and embotits Catalan sausages, meat puddings, tripe, and Lozère pieds-paquets (sheep’s feet and stuffed tripe), natural fresh sausages with added cabbage or porcini mushrooms. So much delicious and good produce…

The customer is eyeing up the baskets of sausages laid on the counter… It is her husband’s little guilty pleasure. They bought some yesterday in the Gard where they have stayed for three days. They will get their family to taste the delicious bull sausages when they return to Rouen. After all, she will also give a try to the one with porcini mushrooms. The butcher wraps up the purchase, and asks her what else she wants. “A Lozère lamb shoulder, she replies, “Can you take the bone out for me?” The butcher skilfully goes about his business while answering the customer’s questions. “Yes, it’s a Lozère lamb reared with its mother. You’ll see how its flesh is fine and tasty. You’ll be telling me all about it when cooked in the oven with some rosemary, some thyme, a little olive oil and a clove of garlic!”