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Syrups of all colours

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Soft drinks

There are a number of bottles made by the producer which sit together in tandem on the shelves. They are very colourful, ranging from pale yellow to the most vibrant red, through to a luminous orange. Their beautiful labels are eye-catching.

All the fruits of the sun are represented here in the form of fruit juice or nectars: apples, melons, apricots, tomatoes and many others… Passers-by stop, taste, talk with the producer, and give their opinion. Someone says: “This peach juice is very fragrant, I really like it, and may I taste the grape one”? It is served in a small glass, and is drunk slowly so that the taste buds absorb the sweet flavour. She would walk away with a few bottles and would explain to another client that she has just arrived from Sète, where she bought a fantastic and highly original apple juice with ginger.

Do you have any syrups?, asked someone in a rather loud voice, “Vézenobres figs, Cévennes chestnuts, raspberry…?”. Then, she said to the woman closest to him: “I am looking for something more original like poppy syrup, rose syrup, or some syrup combining two flavours. Last week in the Corbières, I tasted saffron syrup… That was absolutely amazing and yesterday in Uzès, lemon syrup with cumin. Fabulous!

These are not common syrups”, said an old lady, I’ve never drunk them. I always have the same ones: Roussillon apricots, and peaches. I drink them with lemonade. It’s sparkling and refreshing, it reminds me of my childhood.” At that time, lemonades all had the same slightly lemony taste; but these days they are changing slightly, they also have a hint of citrus fruit. The young woman standing to the side of her joined in with the conversation. “For the children, I prefer to mix the syrup with mineral waters. You can find so many of them; it really does cater for all tastes.” Some water is very sparkling like Perrier, which is bottled at Vergèze in the Gard, and Quézac which hails from the Lozère springs, whereas others are less sparkling, like Semillante from the Pyrenees or Salvetat from Hérault.

The day drew to a close, with customers and passers-by walking away smiling. This meeting with the producer was particularly friendly. Serge and Jeanine will keep his contact details in a safe place.