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Wellness made in Languedoc-Roussillon

Wellness companies in Languedoc-Roussillon operate within a sector dedicated to the art de vivre and draw inspiration from their land of origin, offering a range of products and services focusing on the development of the body and mind.

Confident in the connections between the physical and the spiritual, the wellness industry provides users of our products and services with all the serenity and sensitivity we need to feel good and to recover our form.

Conscious of the social challenges of a market that aims to provide humankind with a better life, wellness companies in Languedoc-Roussillon are guided by the quest to improve our everyday quality of life. Taking care of ourselves, indulging in precious moments and escaping from our professional or familial environment – the wellness sector is a genuine provider of positive sensations valuing the present moment. The search for fulfilment is a challenge for many of us. In Languedoc-Roussillon, we believe that fulfilment is attainable as it is composed of little snippets of attention to share. That is undoubtedly why we advocate wellness made in Languedoc-Roussillon, as we tend to believe that there is more tenderness here than elsewhere!

Perhaps it comes from our mild climate and our Mediterranean coastline, or from our mountain air and our beautiful valleys… Or perhaps it is the diversity of our landscapes which has forged our natural inclination to lay so much emphasis on happiness.

In any event, we would like to believe that we are better equipped to be happy than elsewhere. Sea, mountains, plains and valleys, Languedoc-Roussillon is not comprised of a single landscape, rather a magical assemblage of spaces linked by a beautiful art de vivre.

Here life has not the same flavour as elsewhere. Helped by our accent, our cultural heritage, our aromas, our traditions… and our people of course! People who bring our culture to life and defend our regional values. The sun cannot do everything alone. It may seem a little conceited, but we provide our help by offering only the best of our beautiful region in our products and services. The art of cultivating the best is second nature to us. We are not suggesting that happiness is impossible elsewhere, but we believe that Languedoc-Roussillon facilitates access to such happiness.

Cosmetology, Aromatherapy and Dietary Supplements

We are surrounded by our environment. Our modern societies too often tend to forget that this environment is a critical factor in our quality of life. The art of living and of respecting our immediate environment is an important aspect of life in Languedoc-Roussillon.

Here, over several thousands of years, various civilisations have gradually brought our attention to the benefits of aromatherapy, which is sometimes confused with phytotherapy. These approaches have formed the basis of the pharmacopoeia. The diverse cultures which once made up Languedoc-Roussillon provide a strong heritage, which continues to drive the companies of Languedoc-Roussillon to conceive and develop solutions to improve our everyday lives through high-quality products, drawn from natural resources.

Products based on aromatic plants, such as lavender or thyme, used in the composition of essential oils, are now standard.
But other approaches such as apitherapy, which uses propolis as the medium and bees as the carrier, are a particularly relevant creative entrepreneurial innovation in keeping with tradition. Syrups, pastilles and sprays based on propolis are now major innovative contributions in the world of dietary supplements.

Although we always like to pay tribute to nature in Languedoc-Roussillon, we do not forget the companies which aim to make the best use of nature, with all due regard for the environment and for our local connection. The skill of our companies resides in the balanced extraction of natural resources, to provide mankind only with what is necessary for our well-being.
Feeling good also entails taking responsibility for our impact and successive extractions, guaranteeing a constant renewal of resources. This approach is ingrained into all our wellness companies, particularly those involved in aromatherapy, apitherapy and the production of dietary supplements. It involves using local resources whenever possible and ensuring that the environmental impact of production is reduced. This approach favours endemic species and/or species with a strong presence in the region, creating reciprocal and shared responsibilities with consumers who are the natural beneficiaries of the industry, as part of an ethical entrepreneurial philosophy.

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