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Sud de France Master Class

You wish to participate to a Master Class Sud de France and benefit from a certification acknowledged by the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region and its wine interprofessionnals. Sud de France Développement presents its programs and calendar.


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Our Certified Wine Educators

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Our Certified Wine Educators

Thus far, Sud de France Master-Level Program has witnessed the participation of more than 800 professionals, beginners and wine lovers, of which 50 Wine Educators have become “Sud de France” certified. These 40 educators are now certified to replicate the entire training sessions to others. Over the past two years, about twenty sessions have been set up all over the world thanks to them, in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Hong-Kong, Taipei and the United States.

Below you will find our Main Certified Wine Educators:


Matthew Stubbs – Chief Instructor Vinécole / Université du Vin de Suze la Rousse / Institut supérieur du Vin de Montpellier
– Marie-Josée Richaud, Université du Vin de Suze la Rousse
– Jérémy Cadière
– Anne Serre
– Sylvain De Potter

– Carol Whitehead
– Helen Makins
– Lindsay Oram
– Margaret Smith

– Christine Balais, Stephanie Döring, Simone Ladewig, David Ecobichon, Johannes Steinmetz, Peter Gebler and Gerhild Burkhard, Deutsche Wein-und Sommelierschule DWS
– Michael Pleitgen
– Ulrike Banse
– Thomas Werling

Kris Van de Sompel


Matthew Stubbs – Chief Instructor, French Wine Society
– Jo-Ann Ross
– Maxine Borcherding
– Maggie Meroney
– James King
– Sheral Schowe
– Michelle Davis
– Mark Shipway
– Ray O’Mara
– Kirra Barnes
– Mark Hazur
– Claire Morin-Gibourg
– Helen Kirsh
– Bryan Burkey
– Kevin Cleary
– Matt Kirkland
– Jamal Rayyis
– John Bandman
– Joan Fedus


Hong-Kong, China
Jenny Mack and Corinne Mui, Asia Wine Service & Education Center (AWSEC)

– South Korea
– Su-Jin Park, Wine & Spirit Academy (WSA)

– Naseem Chen
, Taiwan Wine Academy (TWA)
– Mark Pygott
– Steve Chung

How to apply to become a Sud de France certified Wine Educator?

In order to become a certified “Sud de France” wine educator, there are some pre-requisites that must be met. The applicant must already be a Wine Educator and have wine trade experience or wine credentials. Once the accreditation is obtained, the Wine Educator will be permitted to perform and replicate Sud de France Master class training sessions.
In order to become a Sud de France Accredited Instructor, candidates must:

  1. Fill out a special application form for instructors, which includes information about your intentions to offer and teach Sud de France classes.
  2. Participate in a Sud de France Master-Level Program course as a student yourself.
  3. Pass the exam with a score of 85 or higher (regular pass score: 75). Score will be announced upon reception of the “Sud de France Master-Level Certificate”.

 For more information, please consult the Guidelines.

Once the application as an instructor is approved by Sud de France and the participant has completed the exam, they will receive a special diploma qualifying them as a Sud de France Certified Instructor.

This diploma allows the instructor to:

  • Deliver the classic session, the one followed accreditation
  • Teach a shorter but non-qualifying class on the wines of the Languedoc-Roussillon, also called ‘Formation atelier’(2-3 hours), with no diploma delivered but instead a certificate of participation/attendance

Classic Master-Level Program

The certified “Sud de France” Wine Educator will replicate the Sud de France Master-Level Program, including 14 hours of theory and tasting and an exam at the end of the second day in order to get a Master Level Certificate equivalent to the level WSET 2/3.

The approved Wine Educator will receive from Sud de France:

  • A Study Manual for each of your students
  • 2 detailed Powerpoint presentations (Day 1 and Day 2) for 14 hours of teaching
  • A written exam (50 multiple-choice questions, 4 open-answer essays, map identification exercise)

After the written exam, pass/fail letters and Sud de France Master Level Certificates will be mailed directly to each individual student.

Instructors must include the fixed cost of Sud de France Master-Level study materials per enrolled student into tuition fees. For more information, please contact us.

Formation « Atelier »

This shorter and lighter training session on Languedoc-Roussillon wines is aimed at a broader clientele. It can be organized for an afternoon, for instance (3-4 hours are sufficient). At the end of the session, the Wine Educator will give an attendance certificate to the students (different than the official recognized diploma).

For each “Formation Atelier”, the Wine Educator will receive from Sud de France:

  • 1 Powerpoint presentation
  • 1 quiz with answer key and suggested wines
  • 1 Participation certificate template

The study materials for the shorter class (Formation Atelier) are free for any Sud de France certified Wine Educator.

In order to help the Wine Educator set up and launched his or her business, Sud de France will:

  • Help them with the selection and sourcing of Languedoc-Roussillon wines needed to perform a Sud de France Master-Level session
  • Insure an annual follow-up
  • Offer support for pedagogical issues