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Traditional Expertise Combined with Advanced Technology

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Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics aim to beautify men and women whilst respecting their natural attributes. In Languedoc-Roussillon more than elsewhere, the creators of cosmetics infuse their innovations with passion and with traditional expertise combined with advanced technology.

In Languedoc-Roussillon, the wellness sector includes all those involved in the cosmetics industry at the highest level:
– Specialist research laboratories
– Producers of Mediterranean plants: olive trees, lavender, sea products (seaweed, salt); borage and evening primrose (rich in omega 6); cade (juniper); vines with Grape Seed Polyphenols (OPC) (antiradical); pomegranate, iris, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, etc.
– Producers of exclusive and natural active ingredients (active plant ingredients as a result of eco-extraction)
– Formulators and laboratories at the cutting edge of innovative technologies
– Well-known and emerging product ranges and brands

Languedoc-Roussillon produces exceptional cosmetic products in all fields: hygiene, facial and body skincare and perfumes. These products are aimed at modern men and women, as well as athletes and professionals such as physiotherapists and beauticians. Eager to preserve the Sud de France art de vivre, our companies respect both humankind and the planet while regional authorities and stakeholders are actively involved in social and environmental initiatives.

Cosmetic products can be classified in four categories:
Hygiene products such as shower gel, soap, shampoo, cleansers, toothpaste, etc. As the name suggests, their role is to ensure facial and bodily hygiene, the primary and essential purpose of beauty treatments!
Skincare products such as moisturising and anti-ageing creams, body lotions, sun protection products, etc. These aim to preserve the natural functions of the skin, to ensure it is protected against external stresses and to maintain it in good condition.
Beauty products such as make-up, hair dyes, etc. Their role is to improve physical appearance. They also have an effect on the individual’s well-being, by providing reassurance in relationships with others.
Perfume products such as perfumes and deodorants. Their role is to modify body odours and to have an attractive effect.

Beauty and health are interrelated: our skin is beautiful primarily when it is healthy; cosmetology contributes to this.